If you think of Turbana as the best of the bunch, you’re right. But you’re wrong, too.
Turbana? Banana Company, right? Of course. But we’re also in shipping, distributing, packaging and more. And while all our fruit is appealing, not all of it comes wrapped in a peel.
In just 25 years, we’ve emerged as a worldwide leader in growing, shipping and distributing a tremendous variety of premium fruit.

The result: Turbana’s one-step shopping for all sorts of bananas, tree fruit and grapes, means consistently high quality fruit, all year ’round. In turn, that means repeat business, consumer loyalty and higher profits for those retailers who also enjoy a level of service unmatched in our industry.

With our customers so aware of Turbana quality, it’s no surprise that in the ’80s we quadrupled our volume — both in boxes and annual sales. Equally impressive is Turbana’s ever-increasing U.S. market share, making us one of the largest fruit growers and distributors in the world.

From Tree to Shining Tree, We Show Our True Colors.

Shoppers can’t resist colorful packaging. Naturally they love our selection of greens and purples and yellows. They know Turbana looks great in grapes. That we’re pretty in peach. In nectarine. And in pears and apples, too.

Of course, our sweet baby bananas are capturing hearts all over the country. And there’s nothing plain about our plantains.

Then there are Turbana’s red bananas: turning purple as they ripen, reminding seasoned travelers of tropical sunsets. And Turbana’s manzano bananas are surprising customers everywhere with their apple-like taste.

It’s easy to see, in exotics, grapes and tree fruit, Turbana paints a pretty palette: reds and yellow, peaches and purples. And green and silver where counts most: at cash registers everywhere.

When It Comes to Quality, The Top Banana is Turbana.
Seen one banana and you’ve seen ’em all. In fact, some people would have you believe that there’s nothing new under the sun. They are very much mistaken.
Under our sun, we’ve built an agricultural research & development center for testing new methods of growing, handling and quality control. And of course Turbana uses the Meristem reproduction process to ensure consistent quality and appearance in our fruit.

And because your customers want to buy fruit all year long, Turbana provides fruit all year long. From Ecuador o Colombia and Chile, from Costa Rica to California, our ever-broadening geographic base assures your customers an uninterrupted supply of premium goods, regardless of the season.

When You’ve Got the Right Stuff, You Travel Fast — Or You Don’t Make the Trip.

When a store stocks beautiful fruit, word travels fast. But no faster than Turbana flies off the shelf. And if you think that’s fast, you ought to see it leave our lands. That’s truly a moving experience.

You see, growing beautiful fruit is only the first part of our job and, as we see it, it’s not nearly enough. From our tree to your produce bin, it’s our job to get it to you fast and in top-flight condition.

That’s why, at Turbana, we pack it ourselves. We move it on protective pallets or refrigerated containers, built to industry specifications.
On Wall Street, they’d say we were “vertically integrated.” But we didn’t do all this to impress a bunch of securities analysts. Fact is, we did it to impress you, with the world’s freshest fruit. And the fastest, most reliable distribution in the business.

Want to Learn the Secret of Our Success?
Just call 1-800-BANANAS.

You might find it hard to believe that, today, Turbana is one of the world’s largest fruit companies. But it’s easy to find out how we’ve come so far.

Just call us — and someone will answer. Not just anyone. Oh no. The person who answers your call has been painstakingly trained in customer service. So you’ll talk to someone who’s educated, well-informed and able to answer just about any question you might care to ask about fresh fruit — and how to get it at the right time at the right price.

Why? Because the secret to our success is service. And there’s no secret to that. All it takes is hiring the best people you can find and providing a working environment that encourages them in every way possible. And that’s just what we’ve done.

At Turbana, we’ve dedicated ourwselves, at every step, to providing service that’s every bit as premium as our beautiful fruit. From introducing the industry’s first color-correct photographic ripening chart and point-of-purchase materials to combining our sales offices with strategically located ports for efficient service.

Whenever you see a way to make our fruit easier for you to sell, we jump on it. After all, even Turbana sells better with a little extra help.

Turbana prides itself on providing our customers with great service and fair prices. Because we’ve learned that the fastest way to grow our business is to help you grow yours.
Rick Lawrence