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A lot of athletes refer to themselves in the third person. My favorite example is a quote from baseball Hall-of-Famer Rickey Henderson: "Rickey doesn't like it when Rickey's limousine is late."

Point is, I started to write this in the impersonal third person and it seemed way too pretentious, so first person it is.

My name is Rick Lawrence and I love to create ads. More than anything. Well, that's a stretch, but I do love to write copy. Commercials. Print Ads. Websites. Even P.O.P. So that's what I do.

A city boy (New York), I began my career with Harvey & Carlson, which, three months after I started, became Harvey vs. Carlson and I became unemployed. But not for long.

A friend hooked me up with Times Mirror Magazines, creating circulation direct mail for things I knew nothing about: hunting, fishing and RV camping. I learned soon enough, and sold a lot of subscriptions in the process.

A few years later, it happened again. Hired to write ad sales promotion for Ziff Davis, I worked on Popular Photography, Cycle, Skiing Flying and Modern Bride magazines. At the time, I didn't shoot many snaps, ride a bike or fly. (Still don't.) At least I skied. But as for Modern Bride, I was determinedly single - and remained so for 8 more years.

After a terrific stint as Promotion Director of Time Inc.'s LIFE Magazine (with a corporate charge account at FAO Schwarz, no less), I moved over to DDB. As VP/Copy Supervisor, I worked on TV and print for Polaroid, Citibank, VW, Porsche-Audi, IBM and Atari and Cigna. I loved it.

Subsequently, I've written for Lord Geller, Grey and BBDO specializing in healthcare (Humana, Aetna), banking (Marine Midland), securities (Thompson McKinnon) and Dodge. BBDO sent me to Miami as Sr. VP / Creative Director, where I led creative efforts on behalf of accounts including VISA, Polaroid, Hollywood Federal, Mayor's Jewelers and The Big Red Boat.

As Creative Group Head at Tinsley Advertising, I worked extensively in travel/tourism and real estate (that's Florida for you) on such accounts as: Cunard, Boca Raton Resort & Club, Doral Golf Resort & Spa, The Florida Keys and Key West, and an array of beachfront high rises and gated communities.

Then, out of the blue, I was back in uncharted territory. I went to work at Sapient Interactive as an ACD/Copywriter, working on campaigns for Celebrity Cruises, Kaplan University, Citibank Online, CitiMortgage.com and CitiHomeEquity.com. (Together, my art partner and I are chagrined to take at least partial responsibility for the housing bubble.) On the upside, I learned to write for the web: Banner Ads, Email, Websites, SEO and more.

Today I'm telecommuting part-time for one of the world's great ad agencies, Droga 5 in New York, primarily on the least known yet fastest growing cell phone company in America: TracFone Wireless. (We make just a little money go a long, long way.)

My work has appeared in such journals as Print and Graphis, and I've won national awards including Addys, gold from The New York Art Directors Club, and not a few Clios. I also won the Governor's Award for Tourism Advertising on behalf of The Florida Keys. (Even got to shake hands with Jeb Bush. How about that!)

Anyway, that's me, so far. I'd tell you more but I have to run: Ricky's limousine is here.

New Phone: 305.849.0357